Monday, February 21, 2011

The whole of humanity struggles to survive. With the speeding up of the growth of the population, resources become more scarce. The need for water, energy, food and shelter abruptly rises. Yet, the world is shrinking more and more as people continuously abuse these resources.

We are about to reach the Earth's threshold, and surpassing it would endanger what has been provided to us. Sustainability is one of the key issues discussed by world leaders, but the role of politics has only caused  little effect to this highlighted concern.

The Green Zone blog offers a wide range of environmental topics from facts about the world's resources to tips on how to help bring back or at least maintain what has been left for the future generation to relish, manage and support. This blog aims to raise public awareness with regards to the environment and how society affects it - the mutual relationship which exists between the two.

Moreover, the Green Zone blog will tackle international and national disputes in the use and exploitation of resources, i.e. whaling, fox hunting, species endangerment, garbage accumulation, nuclear disarmament, illegal logging, fossil fuel burning, ozone layer depletion, plastics burning, coal production, etc.

Also, it will show certain tips on how to conserve resources, and not only that, but publicize efforts made by different local and international communities to impede the upscale growing impact we humans make to our Earth.

Companies, organizations and agencies inclined to this Go Green campaign, of or relating to any measure done to counter the negative effect of global necessity, may want to have their products, services, callings, petitions, tips, discussions, concerns, research papers, surveys and other eco-targeting articles be posted here. Science clubbers are also welcome to submit their works, and assert their views online.

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